The of BGCM Lahaina having an awesome time in the Photobooth!

No one wants to be a jerk. But there are times when a problem calls for it, and that’s definitely true of underage drinking. We need people to stand up and say, “If it takes a jerk to help keep kids away from alcohol, then I’m proud to be a jerk.” —

Last Friday 9/21/12 we had the privilege of spending our evening with the Keiki of Lahaina. The BE A JERK movement along with the Boys & Girls Club of Maui, Lahaina held a dance for kids and teenagers from ages 9-17. When I was in high school these dances were available, but the places were empty.. but at this dance, there were over 200 kids, and what a great group they were! Everyone was so respectful and just having a great time. DJ Blast of Chilltown was playing all the hits and the music vids to go with–had me and Abner dancing too!

There was food and drinks, door prizes and FREE PICTURES from the Photo Booth!! It was something nice for the kids– and surprisingly the dance floor was always packed!

Anyway! I am proud to Be A Jerk and to learn more about the movement visit!

also, Big Mahalo to Danae Marin–Teen Director of the Boys & Girls Club Lahaina! She does an amazing job with all the kids that go there everyday after school! I know a few kids that go to club and they just adore her and her staff! I’m so glad that Lahaina has something like this for the kids! so big shout out to them for putting the dance on and having us there!!