“Curtain” or “No Curtain”.. that is the question!
Hi Everyone! So last week we had the pleasure of celebrating with Ernie & Camellia on their wedding day at the beautiful Merrimans Restaurant in Kapalua! The day was so amazingly beautiful–aside from the VOG(yuck)! It was mostly blue skies and nice calm waters that we opted for no curtain for the photo booth! The colors of the natural backdrop were so amazing, I kept starring at each photo thinking—wow we live here! So if you’re having your big day at an outside venue–don’t let the curtain stop you from having an amazing backdrop! The curtain can easily be removed–it will definitely let your guests remember how amazing your day was!

Anyway, Camellia & Ernie were on a cruise through the Hawaiian Islands with their Ohana, and when they made the stop to Maui, they had their wedding! It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple, but I think the best part was their entrance as husband & wife.. They came in with the song “Gangnum Style”.. This song is so catchy, and seriously taking over the nation! LOL! j/p! In the picture, her bridesmaids are doing the dance move! LOVE IT!

Congratulations to Camellia & Ernie! Thank you for having us!